Soybean Meal 50% (Feed Grade)

Soybean meal is the world’s most important vegetable protein feed source because of its high digestibility, high energy content, and consistency. It accounts for nearly 65% of World Protein Feed Demand, soybean meal protein. More to this,  About 98 percent of soy meal is used in animal feed ingredients as an important source of protein. Animal feeds principally as a protein supplement, but also as a source of metabolizable energy, Soybean cattle feed.

Our high-quality soybean meal for sale is produced from the Best quality soybeans, It’s mainly used by the poultry industries as hatchery feed. 

In addition, We provide Bulk Soybean meals for animal feed wholesalers. Our professional staff always make sure that our clients are always satisfied.

Benefits of the Product

The product is full of nutrition. It is rich in amino acids, peptides and vitamin,s and so on. The crude fiber in soybean meal has been depredated and softened effectively, so it can remove the action of the anti-nutritional element can be made the most. The soybean meal can promote the grown of the pig, poultry, and ruminant animals effectively, improve the micro-environment of the intestinal canal and enforce their immunizing power. As a result of this product can improve feed conversion ratio and the utilization rate of the nitrogen ammonia and indoles compound in animal waste will reduce greatly and improve the raise environment.

We Always Supply excellent quality

We are staff with a team of professionals who hold immense knowledge in this domain. They are capable enough of rendering standard as well as tailored packaging requirements of the clients. Furthermore,  As we give utmost importance to the quality of the products, we produce them in accordance with the quality standards. Our Soybean Meal for sale is highly appreciated for its high nutrient content, long shelf life, and quality packaging.

Typical Analysis:

  Protein 50% min
  Sand + Slilica 2% max
  Moisture Max 10%
  Crude Proteins Min 11%
  Crude Fiber Min 8%
  Crude Fat Min 6%
  Impuritues Max 4%
  Fiber Max 8%
  Foreign Matter 1%
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