100% Air Dried White & Yellow Corn Kernels – Feed Grade Dried Corn

Firstly, Corn is one of the major food sources for the world population. It is also highly used as a source of feed for Animals. ( Feed Grade Dried Corn).  Increasing corn estate over the past several years has led to increasing interest in on­farm drying and storage. 

Secondly, Yellow corn is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly bound lime-hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip, furthermore, the yellow kernels are packed in tight almost uniform rows. For instance, A single ear of corn can contain up to 400 kernels. Freshly harvested yellow corn at its peak ripeness is sweet, offering flavors of almond and sugar, more to this, the kernels are so succulent, the skin pops as you bite into it. As the corn matures, the kernels lose their milky consistency giving way to a starchy and doughy consistency. At this point, the corn is considered a grain crop and is best suited for processing or feedstock.

To mention, Our Yellow Corn Animal Feed has high nutritional value. Including our air-dried corn has the first-class quality, with the authentic flavor. We offer Yellow Corn Animal Feed at a very affordable price, feed grade dried corn.

More About our Harvest

As a result of our large machinery system, we have a quality harvest, Our harvested corn is promptly dry to safe moisture levels in order to maintain quality and marketability.  We are a quality-centric company, advance in trading, exporting, and supplying high-quality Yellow/White Maize (large-scale corn suppliers ). in addition this maze is precisely processed under the supervision of skilled professionals. The offered maize is used for making beer, popcorns, corn oil, various cuisines, fish bait, and many more.

Yellow Corn

High-Quality Bulk IQF Air Dried White Corn & Yellow Sweet Corn Properties

Humidity: 14% maximum.
Broken grains and foreign materials: max 3%.
Damaged grains: max 3%.
Heat damaged grain: maximum 0,2%.
Aflatoxin should not exceed 10 max ppm.
Protein: min 9%.
Harvest: 2020/2021
Animal Nutrition: Suitable
All kinds of molds: Free
Sprouted Grains: Free
Insects (dead or alive): Free
Silica, Sand: Free
heavy metals): Free
Bad smell of damage or mildew: None

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