Soybeans – Bulk Soybeans

Our specialties and experience in the supply of large quantities have made us one of the best companies in the supplies of bulk quantities of soybeans and soybeans meal. You can always be sure to get the best quality Non-GMO soybeans or Organic Soybeans and GMO soybeans.

Soybeans are a high-protein plant food that people can prepare and eat in a variety of ways. They belong to the pea family. Soybeans come in many colors, including:

Green soybeans: Young green soybeans are also called edamame. People can steam them and eat them out of the pod as an appetizer. Shelled edamame is also available in salads, stir-fries, and soups.

Yellow soybeans: Producers typically use yellow soybeans to make soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and tamari. They also play a role in the production of soy flour for baking.

Lastly, Black soybeans: Several Asian food cultures use simmered or fermented black soybeans in traditional dishes. Soy milk and cheese are also options for those looking to replace dairy in the diet.

Soybeans also provide soy oil, which people can use for cooking or as an ingredient, more so, After removing the oil from soybeans, people can use the remaining material to make food for farm animals – and pets. Furthermore, Our manufacturers make protein powder and isoflavone supplements from soy. Isoflavones are plant compounds that have a similar structure to estrogen. We do provide Bulk soybeans and all their by-products in large quantities.


GMO or NON-GMO         NON-GMO
TYPE                              Fit For Human Consumption
OIL CONTENT          18.5% Basis, 18.05 Minimum
MOISTURE:              13.5% Maximum
MAX SPLITS             20%
PROTEIN                  Min 35%
MAX COLOR             2%
HUSKS                      No Husks
TEST WEIGHT          54 Pounds/Min/Bushel
FOREIGN MATTER                    2%
HEAT DAMAGED KERNELS      0.5% Maximum
MAX RADIATION        Normal   

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